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Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo: Who Had the Best Exclusives at E3 2018?


Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo: Who Had the Best Exclusives at E3 2018?

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Sony’s conference took a bizarre approach to introducing more of the exclusive games we previously knew about, but hadn’t seen much of. Huge names like The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima, and Spider-Man were on tap to totally dazzle viewers and attendees, but the setup wasn’t exactly conducive to keeping viewers engaged.

Fortunately, the conference format didn’t detract from the explosive trailers and gameplay footage Sony had on tap. Sandwiched between musical performances and interesting ambiance for each game reveal were deep dives into the games coming to the platform that we already knew about, but had been dying to see more of.

Additional exclusives were woven in between footage of the big names, such as the hilarious PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR title Trover Saves the Universe from Squanch Games, as well as FromSoftware’s PlayStation VR title Déraciné. There were plenty of other titles on tap as well, such as Nioh 2 and Kingdom Hearts III, but in terms of exclusives, it was a bit of a small showing. Sony chose instead to focus on the biggest titles it had coming down the pipeline to great effect, which ended up working out very well.

With an eye on quality rather than quantity, we can safely say that Sony held its own with the exclusives we’ve been waiting patiently to see more of, and though we weren’t peppered with a new game reveal every five minutes, the amazing cinematic kiss in The Last of Us Part II’s trailer kicked off a bang-up conference that we’re still talking about, days later.

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