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7 Embarrassing E3 Moments That We Pray Never Happen Again

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7 Embarrassing E3 Moments That We Pray Never Happen Again

Sony Booed for AT&T Partnership

The Most Embarrassing E3 Moments Of All Time

Sony’s press conferences have featured some of the best moments in E3 history, such as the back-to-back reveals of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III at E3 2015. However, Sony most certainly has its share of embarrassing moments. Sony’s reveal of the PS3’s lofty price at E3 2006 is quite an infamous moment, but it’s not quite as embarrassing as the audible reaction from the audience when they announced their partnership with AT&T. Kaz Hirai, the Chairman of Sony Corporation, explained that “having such an impressive set of network features and ambitions requires the nations fastest mobile broadband network.” From the sounds of it, AT&T was not the company that the audience had in mind. People booed, people laughed. You can see the embarrassment on Hirai’s face. Why is it always down to Hirai to deliver the bad news to the public? I feel bad for the guy.

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