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4 Fast Facts We Learned About Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee at E3 2018

pokemon let's go pikachu

4 Fast Facts We Learned About Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee at E3 2018

You Can Play the Whole Game With the Pokeball Plus

When I got to check out Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu this year, the entire demo was played with the Pokeball Plus device. According to the Nintendo rep, the whole game can be played with the device. While the demo only gave me access to the A and B button functions (along with left analog stick controls), we should get access to the full range of controls in the final product.

Each time you capture a Pokemon, the Pokeball device itself also emits a small soundbite from that particular critter. Which, I don’t know, it adds to the immersion I suppose. As demonstrated in the game’s debut trailer, you’ll also be able to put a Pokemon into the device and take it out for a walk. The device functions like a pedometer, and the Pokemon will gain EXP from just walking around with you.

You Can Get Pokeballs From Trainer Battles

A small change made to Let’s Go Pikachu was the acquisition of Pokeballs from won trainer battles. Whenever you win a battle, you have a chance of obtaining a handful of Pokeballs. When we asked Nintendo if we’d still be able to purchase them normally from Pokemarts, they simply stated that the Kanto region was massive, and you’d be sure to stumble upon a store or two along the way.

The Pokeball storage limit has also been increased to 999, which is perfect for paranoid players who are afraid they might run out of balls when attempting to catch the more powerful Pokemon.

Catching Wild Pokemon Gives You EXP

We already knew this from the initial reveal, but Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee won’t allow you to actually battle wild Pokemon. You’ll be able to see the wild critters wandering around the world, and you can simply walk up to them to initiate an encounter. During this interaction, you’ll only be able to either catch them or just run away. Just like in Pokemon GO, you can also make use of Razz Berries to make the capture a little easier, and then toss a Pokeball at them. The catch is that you’ll have to perform a throwing motion with your Joy-Con or Pokeball Plus to actually throw the Pokeball.

You’ll also earn EXP from successful captures. From what we saw of the demo, it looks like the EXP gain is pretty generous, as our team was leveling up very quickly. The EXP Share item is back in this game, and you can turn it off whenever you’d like if you want a more challenging experience.

You Can Literally Gank Trainers

Let’s Go Pikachu features local, two-player co-op, and from what we heard from Nintendo, this has the potential to make the game extremely easy and accessible to get into. The second player will share your pool of Pokemon, and you can enter trainer battles with two Pokemon against one. This 2v1 battle format definitely sounds rather unbalanced, and it should make it much easier for newer players to beat tougher battles with ease.

Nintendo also confirmed again that there will be online play, though they didn’t want to go into much detail about that.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are set to be released exclusively for the Switch on Nov. 16.

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