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The Craziest E3 Announcement From Each of the Big 3 That Would Reshape the Gaming Landscape


The Craziest E3 Announcement From Each of the Big 3 That Would Reshape the Gaming Landscape

Microsoft Reveals They Have Acquired a Major Publisher

Crazy Big 3 E3 Announcements

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All eyes will be on the big three this year as we turn a corner into the latter part of this generation. For the first time since the end of the previous console generation, rumors of a changing landscape are starting to percolate.

Let’s look at what each of the major current-gen console manufacturers could announce at E3 that, while probably unlikely, would change everything if they happened. Note: Yes we could come up with even crazier announcements than what we have here, but we want to keep this at least somewhat in the realm of possibility.

Let’s start with Microsoft. This rumor goes back to January and states that Microsoft, which is a company that makes more than just video games and has a lot of money they could spend if they wanted to, could be in the market to make a major gaming related acquisition.

Names as insane as Valve or EA were being tossed around as companies that could be bought out. If either one of those two companies were acquired by Microsoft, or something at that kind of level, it would be an absolute bonanza. The way we view the balance of power of the big three would need to be completely thrown out and it would mark the start of a new era.

Imagine popular games like Madden only being available on the Xbox One, or an unannounced console if that’s too short notice. Or if Microsoft were to go the route of buying Valve, they would be able to marry PC gamers that live and die by Steam with their home console and make them all live under one roof. It would open the door for console and PC gamers to be integrated in ways that may not have been possible before.

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