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5 Best Steam Games of May 2018


5 Best Steam Games of May 2018

Wizard of Legend

5 Best Steam Games of May 2018

wizard of legend

Embark on a spell-slinging adventure in this action-packed tale of wizardry proportions! Play as your very own sorcerer in this fast-paced dungeon crawler and conjure up a selection of powerful spells at your fingertips. The game features over 100 different spells that you can mix and match together, creating your own unique combos that suit your personal play style. You can unlock a collection of spells as you progress, with clearing levels feeling all the more rewarding.

Combat is tight and fast as you’ll be rushing through hordes of enemies and blasting them away by chaining magic. Wizard of Legend presents players with a solid challenge through its various enemies and demanding boss battles. You’ll find yourself in a state of trial and error when tackling different dungeons, but part of the fun is always coming up with a string of new spells. And, not to mention, you can even bring a friend along for the ride through local co-op. All that said, Wizard of Legend stands strong as one of the best Steam games of May 2018.

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