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15 Most Popular N64 Games of All Time


15 Most Popular N64 Games of All Time

Super Mario 64

15 Most Popular N64 Games

Super Mario 64 is, in many ways, one of the best N64 games back in the day. Not only was it a revolutionary game in the series, but it was also a huge step up in the entire industry back in the day. Instead of rehashing yet another 2D platforming idea, Nintendo decided to go above and beyond to deliver a completely different take on Mario’s adventures.

While it certainly wasn’t the first 3D game, nor the first 3D platformer, it became something of a standard or template for 3D design in gaming due to its intuitive controls. It wasn’t simply about getting from point A to point B, but rather allowing players to actually explore their own little virtual playground as they pleased. The feeling of control and freedom pushed players into truly playing the game in their own way, forcing them to make their own decisions and reap the rewards of their ingenuity.

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