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10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of May 2018


10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of May 2018

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Best Stardew Valley Mods of May 2018

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This expansive mod adds a bunch of new functions that make gameplay in Stardew Valley much more efficient. The most notable change is the ability to see which townsperson would love or hate a gift you could potentially give them if you hover over their avatar while holding the specific item. Another larger change is the ability to check how many stones are left, the monster kill tally counter, and whether a ladder has spawned while mining just by hovering your mouse over the icons. Other efficiency changes include:

  • Automatically water plants by walking near them with filled up watering can (still uses stamina).
  • Pets animals just by walking near them.
  • Automate doors on barns so animals can open them if sunny to come outside or close if rainy to stay in.
  • Allow the game to play the fishing mini-game itself if you are just looking to get quick resources.
  • Puts the information about the fish you could catch (species, size, quality) on display while you are attempting to catch it.
  • Automatically opens and closes gates when you walk near them.
  • Forces the character to eat something automatically whenever their stamina is low enough with the ratio customizable.
  • Automatically harvest crops, spring onions, and crab pots when you walk close to them.
  • Automatically destroy dead crops if you walk close to them.
  • Automatically collect collectibles (animal products, forages, etc.) when you walk close to them.
  • Automatically shake fruit trees when you walk close to them.
  • Automatically dig an artifact spot when the character walks over it.

This mod was originally created on May 13, and has been most recently updated at the time of writing on May 30. Try it out and make sure to report back if you happen to encounter any bugs on this huge and helpful mod.

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