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10 HD State of Decay 2 Wallpapers that Need to Be Your New Background


10 HD State of Decay 2 Wallpapers that Need to Be Your New Background

State of Decay 2 has arrived, once again pitting you against hordes of undead in a desperate bid for survival. The sequel iterates on the original with a grander and more polished version of the original, and it can be played on your own or with friends in co-op. As we noted in our review, if you were a fan of the original then you’re going to absolutely love this new experience.

To set the mood, we’ve compiled 10 awesome HD wallpapers should totally be your new desktop background to celebrate State of Decay 2’s launch. Check them out below:

All hell is breaking loose in this awesome and totally gruesome background. download

Picking them off one by one in this sinister image. Let’s hope whoever is taking the shots isn’t backed into a corner! download

A swing that Negan would be proud of! download

Is it a skull? Is it an ax and shotgun-wielding birdman? This generic State of Decay 2 background that wouldn’t be so cool if not for the game’s awesome logo. download

A lonely bridge-turned-base welcomes visitors. download

The undead owns the town now. download

Crows are smart, they know where they’re likely to find a meal. download

Again that logo, and this time with a foreboding backdrop. download

State of Decay 2 will force you to make tough decisions as you battle for survival. Sometimes there are casualties. download

Bullets are the only cure. download

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