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8 Games Like Fire Emblem If You’re Looking For Something Similar


8 Games Like Fire Emblem If You’re Looking For Something Similar

Nintendo’s long-running Fire Emblem series are some of the best tactical-RPGs out there, but there’s definitely plenty of others. If you’re all done with the long series and are looking for more, though, we have you covered. Here are simply some games like Fire Emblem, if you’re looking for games similar to Fire Emblem right now.

Games Like Fire Emblem

Stella Glow (3DS)

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Stella Glow comes from the team at Imageepoch, also responsible for the Luminous Arc games on Nintendo DS. As with those games, Stella Glow is a tactical-RPG that gives you characters with specialized skills and weapons. The story centers on a young man with amnesia named Alto, who’s basically been adopted into a family in Mithra Village. He and his sister Lisette’s lives are thrown into disarray when Hilda, the Witch of Destruction, turns their entire village into crystal. Although the setup is pretty stereotypical for a JRPG, Stella Glow’s well-written characters keep the game moving forward, even with a few too many fan-servicey moments.

Stella Glow is split between two gameplay segments, free time and battle. During free time Alto can wander around various locations, complete odd jobs, purchase items, and build relationships with other characters. Although not the same as Fire Emblem’s relationships, the relationship system in Stella Glow is vitally important, and how close you are with other characters can decide which abilities they have in battle.

Most of your party members are witches that require Alto to “tune” them, basically walking them through emotional problems or trauma they might be experiencing. The combination of tactical battles and relationship systems should appeal to any fan of Fire Emblem.

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