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5 Cool Things You Can Do in State of Decay 2


5 Cool Things You Can Do in State of Decay 2

Use a Bicycle Chainset as a Weapon

As much as you’d hope that you’d have something like an ax or a sword if you found yourself in a zombie apocalypse, there’s no avoiding the fact that everyone else is going to want these melee killing-machines, and State of Decay 2 doesn’t forget this. It gets a little wacky with its weapons, though not quite on the same scale as Dead Rising 4.

One of our personal favorite makeshift zombie skull crushers was a bicycle chainset, known as the Monogear Axe in-game. Grab it by the crank and let the heavy circular metal at the other end do the damage to the rotting flesh of your adversaries. Does it result in any different animations? Not really, but their inclusion almost helps to relay that sense of desperation survivors would have in a zombie apocalypse.

Still, the Monogear Axe is one of the better melee weapons you can get in State of Decay 2, so it’s also pretty darn practical, too!

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