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10 Games that Made Us Fall in Love With the PS Vita


10 Games that Made Us Fall in Love With the PS Vita

Gravity Rush

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Released alongside the PS Vita itself, Gravity Rush, it was hoped, would be the console’s “killer app.” But while it didn’t quite prove the unit-seller it was billed as, Gravity Rush still holds up as one of the most charming and innovative games we’ve played in probably the last decade. The game’s story follows Kat, a young amnesiac girl who finds herself in the lovely, cel-shaded city of Hekseville. With the help of a mysterious cat Dusty, she discovers that she has the power to shift her personal gravity field and fall in any direction she wishes.

Gravity Rush’s falling gameplay works best on the Vita because of the responsive gyroscope. Yes, the PS4 port is serviceable, but it’s just much easier to play around with the motion controls on the handheld console when you can see both the screen and what your hands are doing at the same time. Gravity Rush also boasts a really captivating story, along with a final act that truly elevated this game from “pretty good” to “pretty special.”

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