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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 1


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 4 Week 1


LiNkzr, widowmaker, houston outlaws, overwatch league

Arguably the best Widowmaker player in the league at the moment, LiNkzr had a fantastic week as his signature hero against London Spitfire on Thursday and then Boston Uprising on Friday.

During the Boston Uprising game, LiNkzr put up some amazing stats including 31 total critical hit kills with 17% critical hit accuracy, 38 final blows, 52 eliminations, and over 25,000 damage done as the hero. An impressive moment can be seen below where he bops back and forth in a corridor on King’s Row to get three rapid-fire elims.

His best game, however, was against London Spitfire, where he got even more impressive stats including 40 critical hits, 59 final blows, a staggering 89 eliminations, with an insane amount of damage done at just under 40,000. It should be stated that these sorts of stats are absolutely next level with Widow, especially considering LiNkzr is going up against his fellow best players in the world during these matches.

To put it simply, any opponent should be worried if LiNkzr is playing Widow on the enemy team.

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