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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 2


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 2


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For the first time in Overwatch League season one, Mercy has made it onto our top player performance list thanks to ArK from New York Excelsior. It’s hard to have flashy and engaging plays as Mercy who is normally considered a background character, but ArK is able to show off his skills as the support character while still cranking out huge healing numbers for his team.

His performance as Mercy on Saturday against Houston Outlaws granted him the title of Player of the Day alongside fellow Mercy player Kellex from Boston Uprising. After the match, the analysts said, “I think JJoNak gets entirely too much credit, much deserved credit mind you, but there is no way to kill JJoNak because ArK is always there… He is the unsung hero of the NYXL and he makes JJoNak shine.”

Below we see his best play of the day, when during Valkyrie he takes out both the enemy Mercy and Tracer in the span of a couple seconds.

As the announcers stated, ArK is the unsung hero of the team who keeps everything moving without getting much appreciation for all the support he provides to not just the ace Zenyatta player JJoNak, but the rest of his team as well. New York finds itself comfortably in third place in the standings due to the plays ArK does behind the scenes.


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Just recently at the end of March, DPS player Bunny left Seoul Dynasty to play for Los Angeles Valiant. This switch is proving to be very much in Valiant’s favor, as he played exceptionally well as one of his signature heroes Tracer this week, especially on Wednesday against San Francisco Shock.

A lot of great stats to mention from Bunny, and in an image released by the Overwatch League seen above we can see some of his numbers compared to when he was still with Seoul Dynasty. He had slightly more damage and Pulse Bomb kills while with Seoul, but his final blows, eliminations, Pulse Bomb attachment rate, and deaths per 10 minutes have all improved while with the new team.

The unquestionably most impressive statistic is his whopping 69% attachment rate with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, likely one of the highest the league has ever seen. In a clip seen above Bunny is able to not only survive a Biotic Grenade from Moth as Ana, but stick the enemy Zenyatta and make it out alive.


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Boston Uprising flex player NotE from Canada makes our list this week with one of his signature heroes D.Va against Florida Mayhem on Saturday in the last match of stage three week two.

With 115 total eliminations as the hero, he managed to get 40 final blows with only 26 deaths overall.

His most impressive figure was the 13 Self-Destruct kills throughout the match, as displayed in the clips seen both above and below. A master of angles, NotE is great at sending in the mech from enemy blindspots to cause confusion and making it so it lands an ideal distance from the ground to maximize the damage spread.

Boston Uprising is currently in second place in the standings behind only Los Angeles Valiant, and stellar performances as D.Va by NotE has surely aided the team in securing that spot.


pine, widowmaker, widow, overwatch, overwatch league

While Pine for New York Excelsior is well known for his remarkable McCree skills, he is also great on Widowmaker and he proved that this week during the Saturday match against Houston Outlaws.

Pine was able to get 45 eliminations as the hero, with 32 of them being final blows meaning he is very good at tracking weak and retreating players to finish them off and stagger the team.

Another impressive stat was his 18.35% critical hit accuracy, meaning almost 1/5 of the time Pine shot Widow’s Kiss, he was landing a headshot on an enemy character.

In the first three clips shown, Pine gets a 3K in each play with exceptional aim. With pick after pick it almost seems ridiculous how good Pine’s aim is with the character, and it makes for some amazing gameplay for spectators to watch.

In arguably the flashiest play of the week seen below, Pine kills the enemy Widow and, in an amazing predictive play, grapples up to see Bani attempting to rez and perfectly headshots him at the peak of Widow’s arc. Time and time again, Pine makes getting Widow’s ‘Smooth as Silk’ achievement look easy.

He also played extremely well as Widow against Boston Uprising on Thursday. In a clip from that match seen below he gets a 2K finishing off with the victory in a Widow vs. Widow match against Mistakes for Boston.

Pine is currently one of the best players around, and gives fan the type of spectacle they crave to see in the top tier levels of the Overwatch League.


profit, tracer, overwatch, overwatch league, owl 2018

Arguably the best Tracer player in the Overwatch League, Profit for London Spitfire had a great game as his signature hero against Florida Mayhem on Thursday.

In the clip above we see Profit get a insane 5K in only 20 seconds, tracking enemy’s critical hit boxes with ease as he darts skillfully around the end point of Route 66. Landing a Pulse Bomb on the enemy Widow in the process, it’s worth mentioning Profit also had an impressive 55% Pulse Bomb attachment rate in this match as well.

Profit also had some memorable plays as Genji too, as seen above where he deflects a helix rocket attack from Sayaplayer at extremely close range while coming out of a blindspot.

As noted by the Overwatch League announcers, Profit has been consistent with Tracer across the entire series so far. His damage output is always top tier and hopefully his skills can help London Spitfire rise out of 9th place in the standings at the end of this week.

Check out the best player performances for stage three week one here, and make sure to come back next week as we go into week three.

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