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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 2


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 2


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For the first time in Overwatch League season one, Mercy has made it onto our top player performance list thanks to ArK from New York Excelsior. It’s hard to have flashy and engaging plays as Mercy who is normally considered a background character, but ArK is able to show off his skills as the support character while still cranking out huge healing numbers for his team.

His performance as Mercy on Saturday against Houston Outlaws granted him the title of Player of the Day alongside fellow Mercy player Kellex from Boston Uprising. After the match, the analysts said, “I think JJoNak gets entirely too much credit, much deserved credit mind you, but there is no way to kill JJoNak because ArK is always there… He is the unsung hero of the NYXL and he makes JJoNak shine.”

Below we see his best play of the day, when during Valkyrie he takes out both the enemy Mercy and Tracer in the span of a couple seconds.

As the announcers stated, ArK is the unsung hero of the team who keeps everything moving without getting much appreciation for all the support he provides to not just the ace Zenyatta player JJoNak, but the rest of his team as well. New York finds itself comfortably in third place in the standings due to the plays ArK does behind the scenes.

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