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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 4


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 4


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18-year-old DPS player for Los Angeles Valiant had a great game on Saturday against Florida Mayhem as one of his signature heroes Genji, netting him Player of the Day alongside Note from Boston Uprising.

Agilities stood out this week due to his on-point Dragonblades, often netting him a 2K at least with each use. Above we see him take out Sayaplayer, Zuppeh, Zebbosai, and Manneten out of D.Va’s mech in a span of a few seconds, while below he gets another 3K while taking out Sayaplayer, Zuppeh, and Zebbosai yet again and strangely enough in the exact same order.

He was also featured on the Sour Patch Turning Point clip for his Dragonblade against Los Angeles Gladiators on Saturday on Numbani wherein he took out the enemy support while also finishing off a Sombra while hacked to turn the tide for the map and eventually net them the match win overall.

While Agilities’ damage, elimination, and other stats were consistent, he stood out due to his expert use of Genji’s devastating ult time and time again.

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