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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 5


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 5


saebyeolbe, tracer, overwatch league

New York Excelsior ended this stage as back-to-back champions, beating out Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant, and Boston Uprising in the stage three title matches. They went undefeated in their two title matches, and this was aided by some amazing plays by DPS player Saebyeolbe on Tracer.

He was the sole Player of the Day on Sunday, with Overwatch League caster Robert Kirkbride saying, “Generally we pick two [Players of the Day] but we think this is an exception because there was one player who was straight up better in every aspect of the game and that is Saebyeolbe… he has that extra gear and he finds it when everything is on the line.”

Examples of this extra gear can be seen above and below. During the final map against Boston Uprising on Numbani to win the stage he masterfully gets a 5K, killing off almost the entire team to end overtime and secure the win. On Volskaya Industries, he goes off again getting a 6K while taking out both supports, Widow, D.Va, Tracer, Winston, and Tracer all while barely sacrificing 150 health points.

Another absolutely ruthless play below as well, as Seabyeolbe gets a 3K to finish off a team kill on Route 66.

There’s no denying Saebyeolbe’s skills, as time and time again he absolutely blows through enemies with ease with expert tracking and use of Tracer’s kit to survive almost any instance. He is a big reason New York ended this stage as back-to-back champions, and is arguably the best Tracer in the league at the moment.


agilities, genji, overwatch, overwatch league

Agilities was one of the two Players of the Day on Saturday alongside Ryujehong for Seoul Dynasty for his DPS consistency with one of his signature heroes Genji.

One of his most memorable plays seen above has him go head to head with with Eqo in a Dragon Blade duel and coming out the victor.

More plays from his standout day can be seen above. That day Los Angeles Valiant got a 3-2 win against Philadelphia Fusion, which aided their journey to the stage finals where they were unfortunately beaten by New York Excelsior.

striker, tracer, overwatch league, owl

Boston Uprising had a undefeated season for the first time in Overwatch League history, and Striker kept up his usual pace of amazing Tracer plays last week to help clinch those last few wins.

He also was one of the Players of the Day on Saturday alongside Gesture from London Spitfire, with nods to his ability to come out of 1v2 and even 1v3 situations if he has to as his signature hero Tracer. Overwatch League caster Auguste Massonnat says, “It’s been all season long, Striker has been a standout Tracer and he’s been a standout player for Boston.”

Striker also had some memorable plays as another hero he is known for Junkrat, like above against the Gladiators on Temple of Anubis when he picked off three enemy flankers while defending Point A, all while only losing a mere 10 health points.


hooreg, pharah, overwatch league

Pharah sometimes doesn’t get as much love in the Overwatch League when it comes to standout plays, especially compared to other DPS heroes like Tracer, Genji, or McCree. However, Hooreg for London Spitfire was making the most of her booping abilities this week for some memorable plays.

Both occurred during the Well section in Illios, the map with arguably the most booping potential, against Seoul Dynasty on Friday. Above, Hooreg takes out an enemy Roadhog mid-hook while escaping with his life, and below he secured a double tank kill right into the well by booping in both Roadhog and Orisa.

His Junkrat game was strong as well, with the most stylish kill a Junkrat player could get. After launching himself up a level on Nepal he knocks Fiveking as Lucio into the air and in slow-mo you can see a grenade arc across the map and hit Lucio in mid-flight.

In all, Hooreg’s boops were on point and therefore makes out list this week as one of the best players for stage three week five.


jjonak, zenyatta, overwatch league, overwatch

One of, if not the, best Zenyatta players in the Overwatch League JJoNak had a fantastic week as Zenyatta, helping claim the win against Dallas Fuel on Friday, and Los Angeles Valiant and Boston Uprising on Saturday to become back-to-back champions.

His most impressive performance was during the match against Dallas Fuel, where he got a whopping 32,000 damage done as the hero against more than 18,000 total healing as well. He also proved he was the king of the Orb Volley again and again like above when he takes out a Mei pointblank and fresh out of a Cyro-Freeze, and below where he saves his teammate Saebyeolbe as Tracer by taking out a Reinhardt mid-charge.

However, his best play on Friday can be seen below where he takes out an ulting Seagull as Genji while masterfully turning around and aiming perfectly at his enemy while he is mid double-jump. As one of the squishiest heroes in the game, this is no small feat. On this day he got 66 defensive assists and 64 offensive assists with 22 total final blows, so he was a great asset to his team in ensuring Dallas Fuel lost to New York 4-0.

His success against Dallas Fuel granted him Player of the Day status on Friday alongside Architect for San Francisco Shock, and it’s safe to say New York’s ability to be champions of this entire stage was greatly aided by JJoNak’s damage and healing output abilities on his main hero Zenyatta.

For more standout Overwatch League performances, check out the best players of week one, week two, week three, and week four of stage three of the Overwatch League. Make sure to check back after the rest week as we kick off the final stage before the anticipated playoff season.

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