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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 3


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 3


pine, widowmaker, widow, overwatch, overwatch league

Making our list for two weeks in a row, Pine had some great plays as Widowmaker in this week three of stage three of the Overwatch Legaue.

In a close match against Los Angeles Gladiators at the end of the week, he had play after play with the crowd going wild with noteworthy clips on Junkertown, Iilios, and Blizzardworld as well. While Pine first came into the league being known for his skills on McCree, he is now proving perhaps Widowmaker will be the character he is known for from his stellar performances with her these last few weeks.

Pine is great at finding optional sniping locations, and moving according to the ever drifting payload to adjust his line-of-sight on the enemy team. We see him below get a 2K, but his position here is important because he is able to put pressure on the enemy Mercy, Winston, and D.Va as just a solo character from a great distance while his team begins moving the payload with ease.

He also had some great moments aganist Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday, as seen below where he takes out both of the enemy healers on his own to disrupt the Fusion’s push for the payload.

While New York Excelsior lies at third place in the stage 3 standings at the end of last week, Pine is poised to push the team to perhaps take the lead as this stages progresses if he is able to stay as consistent as he has been thus far in the league.

striker, tracer, overwatch league, owl

Striker had a great performance as Tracers on Thursday against London Spitfire, gaining a close win that put Boston Uprising at the top of the Overwatch League standings last week.

During the game he got 89 total eliminations, with over half of them at 49 being final blows. Striker is very good at following through with kills and keeping track of enemy placements so he can surprise a Mercy or Zenyatta while coming back to the point.

His pulse bomb attachments were also on point, with 50% of them hitting their mark. We can see this in action in a clip above where he gets a 3K on Seoul Dynasty on Friday.


genguri,, overwatch, overwatch league, owl

Tank player Geguri had a fantastic week as D.Va, and even though the Shanghai Dragons lost their games this week against Florida Mayhem and Seoul Dynasty and currently lie at the bottom of the standings, she still pulled off some impressive plays as one of her signature heroes.

Above we see her take out an ulting mercy with baby D.Va’s bunny blaster while she herself is in mid-air. While later in the match below she gets a 2K with an expert launch of her mech while pushing the payload in Blizzardworld.

Her pro tracking abilities were also on display on Thursday, as in the clip below she gets a 3K in a span of a few seconds using every ability D.Va’s kit has to offer.


LiNkzr, widowmaker, houston outlaws, overwatch league

Arguably the strongest player performance of the week, LiNkzr for Houston Outlaws was amazing as one of his signature heroes Widowmaker.

Against Dallas Fuel in the last game of the week on Saturday, he had some amazing stats including 60 eliminations with a whopping 40 of them being final blows.

He also had a 16.34% critical hit accuracy, and 26 out of the 60 eliminations were critical hit kills.

LiNkzr is one of the best Widowmakers currently in the league, and continues to be a crowd favorite with his flashy plays and consistent headshot hits.


rawkus, zenyatta, overwatch league, owl, overwatch

Support player for Houston Outlaws Rawkus had a great game as Zenyatta against Florida Mayhem on Thursday, with his contribution netting the team a win at 3-2.

Rawkus had some great stats including 54 eliminations, almost 19,000 damage done, 22,000 healing done, and only 14 deaths as the hero overall. However his most impressive figure is 122 total assists with 71 being defensive and 51 being offensive. It’s clear from those numbers Rawkus was a rock for his team offering dual damage/healing support to secure the win.

In his best play seen above, he takes out the enemy D.Va, Junkrat, and Mercy all while healing and supporting his teammate Jake on Genji as he pulls out the Dragonblade. This moment here encapsulates how Rawkus was playing throughout the entire match, and while not all of his plays are as flashy as an ulting Genji, he is still proving to be a valuable and integral member of the Houston Outlaws team.

For more standout player performances, check out the best from stage three week one and week two, and make sure to come back next week to see who are the most impressive players for week four.

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