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5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 3


5 Best Overwatch League Player Performances From Stage 3 Week 3


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Making our list for two weeks in a row, Pine had some great plays as Widowmaker in this week three of stage three of the Overwatch Legaue.

In a close match against Los Angeles Gladiators at the end of the week, he had play after play with the crowd going wild with noteworthy clips on Junkertown, Iilios, and Blizzardworld as well. While Pine first came into the league being known for his skills on McCree, he is now proving perhaps Widowmaker will be the character he is known for from his stellar performances with her these last few weeks.

Pine is great at finding optional sniping locations, and moving according to the ever drifting payload to adjust his line-of-sight on the enemy team. We see him below get a 2K, but his position here is important because he is able to put pressure on the enemy Mercy, Winston, and D.Va as just a solo character from a great distance while his team begins moving the payload with ease.

He also had some great moments aganist Philadelphia Fusion on Thursday, as seen below where he takes out both of the enemy healers on his own to disrupt the Fusion’s push for the payload.

While New York Excelsior lies at third place in the stage 3 standings at the end of last week, Pine is poised to push the team to perhaps take the lead as this stages progresses if he is able to stay as consistent as he has been thus far in the league.

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