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5 Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs of 2018 So Far


5 Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs of 2018 So Far

With ever more enhanced versions of the latest games offering superior performance on Sony’s PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, it’s no surprise that exemplary 4K HDR TVs are becoming highly sought after. If you’re after the absolute best gaming experience possible, with the highest fidelity graphics and sharpest picture mode, only a high-quality screen with a low latency output will suffice. Here, we’re compiling the five best premium options so far in 2018, using data compiled here. All prices are for 65-inch versions of the TV and are accurate at the time of writing, listed on Amazon.

Samsung Q9FN



  • HDR Real Scene Peak Brightness: 908 cd/m2
  • 4K @ 60Hz + HDR: 22.4ms
  • 1080p @ 60Hz + HDR: 22.3ms
  • Sizing Options: 55, 65, 75

Samsung’s Q9FN stands tall as one of the premier gaming TVs that money can buy in 2018. It provides one of the lowest input lag figures of any TVs running 4K HDR at 60Hz, which makes it absolutely perfect for the application. The picture is exceptionally bright, too, in both SDR and HDR modes, and it displays superb motion handling thanks to an improved backlight for this year’s model (Samsung’s QLED technology still uses a traditional backlight). The Q9FN has an excellent contrast ratio and black uniformity, and the local dimming feature is very effective to improve dark scene performance. As it isn’t actually OLED, motion handling is something to consider, or at least it would be if the Q9FN didn’t flicker at a virtually imperceptible 480 Hz. It also has an optional Black Frame Insertion feature from last year’s model, which can now flicker at 60 Hz in Game Mode to help games appear more fluid.

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