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5 Games We Hope Get the Bluepoint Remake Treatment Next


5 Games We Hope Get the Bluepoint Remake Treatment Next

Syphon Filter

Games Most Likely to Be Remade Next

The classic PlayStation exclusive stealth action game released at the end of 1999 and there have been rumblings about a remake or a return for years. As recently as last November, Sony filed a trademark for the Syphon Filter name, prompting rumors to spread. Of course, that could simply be to do with anything relating to the rights of the original game, but it could also point towards something new being worked upon under the same name.

Splinter Cell, the series that has been closest in terms of theme and gameplay style, has disappeared for a few years, until the recent suggestion that we’re getting a new game in the series in 2018. It would have made sense for a Syphon Filter remake to release sometime over the last few years, to test the waters for a potential brand new release, but I’m sure fans would still be excited if it was to release now. Maybe it’s the next classic game remake Bluepoint are said to be working on.

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