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8 Reasons to Not Sleep on Mad Max this PS Plus Month


8 Reasons to Not Sleep on Mad Max this PS Plus Month

Sometimes it isn’t enough for a game to be good. Sometimes there are other circumstances which affect its success, be it release schedule, competition or maybe even genre fatigue. In the case of Mad Max, the open world action game from Avalanche Studios, it was a perfect storm of all of the above. The game released the same day as Hideo Kojima’s espionage epic Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As a result, it was criminally overlooked, leading to it fading into video game obscurity, until now. Mad Max is part of the April PS Plus lineup and will be up for grabs for those willing to give it a shot. And there are many reasons to do so.

It’s Free on PS Plus This Month


This first one’s easy. For the entire month of April, Mad Max is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Even if you don’t have time for it now, it’s worth downloading anyway as you can always play it later, provided you’re still subscribed to PS Plus. Mad Max is a huge game, with over 35 hours of gameplay to experience. Picking it up for free is an absolute steal so do yourself a favor and take advantage of your PS Plus subscription this month.

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