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7 PSVR Games That Are Basically Just Tech Demos


7 PSVR Games That Are Basically Just Tech Demos

PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds isn’t just a single experience. One second you can be in a cage underwater with a very angry shark trying to find its way inside, the next you could be in the passenger seat of a van driving down the streets of London, shooting thugs as you go. While the variety is certainly commendable, the problem is that none of them are really going to keep you hooked for long.

The headline experience – London Heist Getaway – is only a few sections long and one of those has you fiddling with a cigar and listening to some dialogue. It’s only 20 minutes long at best, and none of PlayStation VR Worlds’ other experiences are any longer. That’s not to say that what’s here is bad, I mean some are, like VR Luge, but for the most part these are neat ways to get acquainted with your new tech.

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