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10 God of War HD Wallpapers That Need to Be Your New Background


10 God of War HD Wallpapers That Need to Be Your New Background

God of War is finally upon us, and it’s time to get in the mood by surrounding ourselves with anything and everything related to the franchise. That means switching over to some suitably bad-ass God of War wallpapers on our desktop computers. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled 10 of the coolest we could find from across the interwebs to make your life a bit easier. We’ve rounded up 10 images, some of which are captured in-game, others are pieces of fan art.

We’re enamored with God of War and are super excited to share our experiences with you, so check out our review and essential tips page, as well as our guide wiki in case you find yourself stuck during your playthrough.

Now, onto the wallpapers:

A stunning stylized wallpaper showcasing Kratos and Atreus in battle. Download

The environments in God of War are awe-inspiring. Download

We love the colors in this classic image of Kratos and Atreus. It makes for a perfect background wallpaper. Download

The first battle with the Troll has been a symbol of God of War since its earliest reveal. Download

Fan art by Aboy Ningthouja

What a brilliant bit of fan art by Aboy Ningthouja. Check out his page for much more video game artwork. Download

Norse mythology rocks, and the World Serpent it just so damn cool. Download

If you’re wanting to relive that moment of the E3 2016 reveal, this HD wallpaper is the one. Download

The lighting in God of War is a complete triumph, and it’s given a bit of extra ambiance with this sketch effect added. Download

Another wonderfully stylized shot that captures a typical gameplay scene so dramatically. Download

Kratos might have learned to control himself but he his silhouette still looks every bit as intimidating. Download

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