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God of War: How to Get XP Fast


God of War: How to Get XP Fast

How to Get XP Fast in God of War

The combat in God of War can feel a little simple and basic during the early hours of the game. However, once you start unlocking new moves and abilities from the skill tree, things get a lot more fun. In order to unlock moves on the skill tree, you’ll need to use XP that you gain from killing enemies. On the other hand, do note that XP isn’t used to help Kratos level up – that’s completely dependent on Kratos’ armor and equipment.

To put things simply, the best way to earn XP in God of War is just to kill enemies. You earn XP for every enemy you kill, and you get even more for killing bosses and tougher foes. If you don’t feel like grinding enemies, though, favors and side missions are another great source of XP in the God of War. These are unlocked after you clear out Alfheim, and you get even more as you approach the tail-end of the game. We definitely recommend taking the time out to complete these side missions, as you have the opportunity to get new gear and a large amount of experience.

Another thing to note is that new skills will only be unlocked on the skill tree whenever you upgrade your weapon and bring it to the next level.

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