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God of War: How to Beat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun


God of War: How to Beat Valkyrie Queen Sigrun

How to Beat Sigrun the Valkyrie Queen in God of War

As well as offering a compelling and emotionally charged campaign, God of War also features a ton of interesting side quests and activities to keep you busy. One such side quest is that of the Valkyries. Kratos must defeat eight powerful bosses called Valkyries, which serve as the hardest enemies in the game. They are spread out though all of the game’s different realms, and can be found here. However, none are as powerful as the Valkyrie Queen.

Once you’ve defeated all eight Valkyries in God of War, head over to the Throne Room where you can initiate the final fight. The Valkyrie Queen is a mix of every Valkyrie you’ve fought up to this point, so remember which strategies worked best with which. You are going to need very high-level gear, and we recommend upgrading your health and rage by finding all of the nine apples in God of War.

While you may be tempted to use the Valkyrie armor you earned from defeating the other eight, we’d recommend you equip a more runic-focused armor set. Equip enchantments which increase your overall frost and burn damage, and use a health regenerative talisman. It obviously goes without saying that you should have a resurrection stone equipped, preferably the Beserker’s one. For Atreus, just make sure you have a special attack (mapped to holding square by default) that will pin the Valkyrie Queen down for you to get some runic attacks in. The Wolves are great for this, giving you a long window of opportunity while she is incapacitated.

So, onto the fight itself. Valkyrie Queen uses a huge variety of attacks in a completely random order so it’s useless to try to predict each one. Instead, what you’re going to do is focus on rage and runic attacks. Your attack cycle should go like this:

  • Launch axe runic attacks one after the other
  • Trigger Atreus special attack to pin Valkyrie queen down
  • Launch blades runic attacks one after the other
  • Focus on defensive moves like dodging and blocking
  • Wait for runic attacks to regenerate
  • Repeat

Now while she is attacking you, don’t get cocky. You will get opportunities to attack, but trust us when we say that it isn’t worth it. One wrong move and she will start to pummel you, after which you will have a very tough time recovering. Just wait it out as your specials regenerate. Valkyrie Queen will drop health stones as you damage her, so be sure to collect them. In terms of rage, try to fill up the bar completely in order to grant back some health in a pinch. If you find yourself caught off guard by one of Valkyrie Queen’s attacks, activate rage to reduce the damage taken.

Now there are a few attacks to watch out for that the Valkyrie Queen will throw at you in God of War. The number one most annoying move that this boss does is a dive bomb which is very quick and very difficult to dodge. If it lands, she’ll pin you to the ground and you’ll have to tap Circle to break free. Be aware that Valkyrie Queen may come back at you for a second or third time after dodging this attack once in God of War. Another attack to look out for is one where she will fire a stream of ice shards at you, which you can only block, not dodge. At some point, she will build a shield using her wings. When this happens you must use shield break as quickly as possible, or else she’ll lash out and deal a lot of damage. Valkyrie Queen will also try to blind you by lying into the air and triggering a special attack. Use Atreus to interrupt the attack and you’ll be fine.

You’re going to do a lot of rolling around in this fight, which is totally fine. It’s very much a marathon and not a sprint so as long as you keep a cool head and follow the attack pattern above, you’ll emerge victorious.

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