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God of War: How to Beat Valkyrie Fight Easily


God of War: How to Beat Valkyrie Fight Easily

How to Beat Valkyrie Fight Easily in God of War

As you’ll know if you’ve played through any of God of War on PlayStation 4, there’s hidden passages and chests littering all of the game’s realms. Later in God of War you’ll be able to find hidden chambers, some of which will have a Valkyrie inside. Valkyrie’s are powerful enemies, and defeating them rewards you with powerful pieces of armor. If you’re struggling, here’s some tips to help you take Valkyrie down easily.

The Valkyries aren’t all the same, difficulty wise, and since the eight of them are scattered throughout the realms of God of War, there’s no specified order for taking them on. Simple things like taking a Resurrection Stone with you will help in any fight, however. Also, as is the case with a lot of fights in God of War, be patient. There’s no need to be overly aggressive, trying to force damage, only to be hit by an attack out of nowhere.

Take your time, learn the Valkyrie’s attack patterns and wait for a clear opportunity. Keeping your shield up while waiting for attack opportunities is also helpful because it will block most of the Valkyrie’s wing-based attacks. Pressing R3 to lock on to them from the start will also help you take advantage of any opportunities that you do get.

Also, whenever you see a Valkyrie rise into the air and a red circle appears, they’re about to fire off an attack that cannot be blocked or dodged. As soon as you see the red circle, press square to prompt Atreus to fire an arrow at the enemy to knock it to the ground, allowing you to attack. It’s also worth considering the use of the Talisman of Unbound Potential, which you can use to refill your meters in an instant because Runic attacks can be quite efficient. Also, if you hear the word ‘Valhalla’ being screamed, roll out of the way a couple of times instantly because the attack that’s about to come is ferocious.

That’s all you need to know about defeating Valkyries in God of War. For more tips on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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