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God of War: How to Get and Use Talismans


God of War: How to Get and Use Talismans

How to Get and Use Talismans in God of War

The latest entry in Sony’s God of War series features quite a bit of customization, and the game introduces the implementation of talismans to improve your combat abilities. These systems can feel a little overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

First off, the long and short of it is that talismans are basically tied with the circle button ability for your Leviathan Axe. One of the first talismans you find in God of War grants Kratos health regeneration for a couple of seconds. The ability can be activated by holding the L1 button and then pressing circle. After using it, there will be a short cooldown period before you can activate it again.

Talismans can be acquired in a few different ways in God of War. You’ll usually find them lying in chests that can be found all over Midgard. Whenever you encounter Brok and Sindri, you can also buy new ones from them. When you want to equip a new talisman, press the Options button, go to the Weapons tab, and then swap it out from there. Do note that all talismans have a level number tied to them, which means that they’ll affect your overall character progress. If you want to increase Kratos’ progress towards the next character level, you’ll want to equip a higher leveled talisman.

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