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God of War: Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op Multiplayer?


God of War: Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op Multiplayer in God of War?

God of War is back and filled with plenty of non-stop hack-and-slash action. Follow Kratos and his son, Atreus, on a completely new adventure set in the world of Norse gods. That being said, some fans might be wondering if they can share the fun with a friend. Since Kratos isn’t alone in his quest, does this point to the series finally supporting splitscreen local co-op multiplayer?

Unfortunately, there’s no splitscreen local co-op multiplayer to be found here. The God of War series has been known for its frantic single-player experience, and the latest entry in the series continues the tradition. You’ll have to make your way through the game with an AI partner. God of War doesn’t actually support any type of multiplayer content whatsoever, but things might change if the developers decide to patch in the said feature at a later date. If they ever do, we’ll keep you posted and update this article with further details.

While there isn’t a splitscreen local co-op multiplayer mode, the latest installment in the series offers plenty of activities that will keep you hooked throughout the game. Be sure to check out our God of War wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides.

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