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God of War: How to Increase Max Rage Meter


God of War: How to Increase Max Rage Meter

How to Increase Max Rage Meter in God of War

Just like in past games in the series, the latest God of War entry features a Spartan Rage meter that allows Kratos to deal increased damage to his foes for a short amount of time, until the meter is drained. If you feel like the meter is too short in God of War, however, there is a way to increase it permanently.

Just like the max health bar, the Rage meter can also be increased by collecting specific items from the Nornir chests found in Midgard and the surrounding realms. The Nornir chests are easily recognized by the three glowing blue runes etched into them. When you find one of these, you’ll have to solve a quick puzzle that involves either breaking three pots or hitting three bells with the corresponding runes. The pots or bells are always found within the vicinity of the chest itself, so you shouldn’t need to look too far.

When you open the chest, you’ll find either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. The Apple helps increase your health, while collecting three Horns of Blood Mead will permanently increase your Rage meter. Because of these permanent upgrades, it’s always worth it to take your time to solve these puzzles and open the Nornir chests when you find them in God of War.

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