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God of War: Hardest Difficulty Changes


God of War: Hardest Difficulty Changes

Hardest Difficulty Changes in God of War

If the normal difficulty setting in God of War isn’t quite enough for you, you might want to try things out on the hardest difficulty, which is called Give Me God of War. Do be warned that you can only select this difficulty setting when starting a new game, and you cannot change it mid-game. If you already started a game on the normal setting, you cannot change it to the highest setting either, though the other two settings will still be available.

Before you start things on the highest setting, you should probably know what you’re getting into.

The primary difference is that enemies will have a lot more HP and they’ll deal a lot more damage to you. They’re basically HP sponges at this point, and you’ll need to be flawless in combat or they can finish you off in two hits, assuming they’re the same level as you. Another big difference is that enemies can transform in the middle of battle. As you kill more enemies in a group, the remaining ones have a chance of morphing into a stronger enemy type. For instance, a level 1 enemy can morph into a level 2 one, making them even tougher to take on.

It’s also worth noting that enemies seem to be much more aggressive on the hardest difficulty, so you’ll need to play a little more defensively. Blocking and parrying attacks is much more important here, and you’ll also want to make use of Atreus’ combat skills to distract enemies and deal a little bit of extra damage when you need a breather.

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