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The Hardest God of War (2018) Bosses, Ranked


The Hardest God of War (2018) Bosses, Ranked

The latest God of War game might not feature boss fights quite as epic in scale as past entries in the franchise, but it still does offer up some dramatic encounters that can give you a seriously hard time. With the overhauled combat system, fights are a lot more exciting as well, and players will certainly need to pay close attention to attack patterns if they want to come out on top.

Before reading on, do be warned that we’re going to spoil all the major boss fights in God of War, along with some optional secrets. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on. It’s also worth noting that this ranking only includes the unique boss fights in the game, and we won’t be taking the Ancients, Trolls, and Ogres into consideration.

6) Hraezlyr

The Hardest God of War Bosses

As the biggest boss (size-wise) in God of War, the cave-dwelling dragon Hraezlyr certainly leaves quite an impression. Kratos and Atreus first encounter the dragon while riding the lift up to the mountain peak, and the fight begins proper once you reach the top. This fight isn’t particularly difficult, but getting through it requires you to have fast reactions and good aim.

This is a very mechanic-heavy fight where you have to stun the dragon by throwing the red tree sap at it just as it’s about to rain down electricity on you. You have a rather small window to land that shot to stun it, and then run up to start wailing on its head. Later on, Hraezlyr starts showing off a couple of new moves, including a ground shockwave and a lightning strike. The trick here is to keep the camera on the boss, then raise your shield right when it slams its foot down for the shockwave. You have to dodge its attacks while inching your way to the next sap spawn point before throwing it at the dragon’s face to stun it again.

For such a magnificent looking boss, this one is a bit of a disappointment. It’s simply a matter of dodging attacks (which aren’t that hard to dodge), throwing a crystal at it, going HAM on its face, then rinse and repeat.

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