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God of War: Alfheim Rune Chest Puzzle Solution


God of War: Alfheim Rune Chest Puzzle Solution

Alfheim Rune Chest Puzzle Solution in God of War

While God of War is filled with plenty of intense combat and gripping fight scenes, it isn’t always about bashing skulls. More often than not, players will stumble across different enigmas and riddles they’ll have to solve with their head and not their fists. One good example is the Alfheim Rune Chest puzzle, also dubbed as the Nornir chest, located in the Ringed Temple Trench area. To unlock the chest, you’ll have to find and break its corresponding runes. If you’re having trouble, here’s how you can solve the puzzle and collect your reward.

  • First Rune – Look for a wheel across the rune chest. Use it to gain access to the lowest level of the area and look for a cog you can freeze with your axe. From there, turn around and you should see the rune hanging from a ledge.
  • Second Rune – Use the wheel to lower all the platforms again. Make sure to freeze the cog with your axe and head to the middle platform. Recall your axe and keep an eye out on the third platform. As it begins to rise, look for the rune on the right side. Destroy it with a ranged strike.
  • Third Rune – Lower the platforms using the wheel, freeze the cog again, and wait by the edge of the middle platform. Turn around to face the first platform and recall your axe. As the platform begins to rise, you’ll find the rune stuck to the wall.

Once that’s done, you can finally open the chest and finish the Alfheim Rune Chest puzzle. For more tips and tricks on God of War, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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