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10 Best Giant Video Game Bosses That Could Squash You Like an Ant


10 Best Giant Video Game Bosses That Could Squash You Like an Ant

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Phalanx – Shadow of the Colossus

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When thinking of giant video game bosses, it’s impossible not to immediately think of Shadow of the Colossus. And while there are many colossi which deserve a spot on the list, it’s actually the largest one we’re concerned with here. The Phalanx is the top choice not only for its sheer scale, but the way it manages to be just as thrilling while soaring through the sky, as it is burrowing beneath the earth. Discovering this leviathan for the first time is simply breathtaking, even more so once you manage to follow it up into the skies above.

Each of its fins is a massive wall of fur and sand which serves as a seriously daunting jumping on point for the task ahead. The boss fight demands that you make good use of your horse, chasing down the giant sand worm before leaping off and holding on for dear life. It’s simultaneously gorgeous, thrilling, and tragic, managing to up the stakes of the game once again, in a game comprised entirely of amazing boss battles.

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