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Frostpunk: How to Get a Gathering Post & What It Does


Frostpunk: How to Get a Gathering Post & What It Does

Getting a Gathering Post in Frostpunk

The Gathering Post is one of the buildings you can build early on in Frostpunk, and it can be useful in helping you gather resources. However, the game never really makes it clear what the building is for, and why you should even consider using it. If you want to be extra careful with your population’s health conditions, we definitely recommend making use of the Gathering Post when you’re just getting started.

To put things simply, a Gathering Post can be constructed near resource piles such as broken crates, a steel wreckage, and coal piles. If you simply assign workers and engineers to dig up the resources manually, up to 15 of them can be assigned to a single pile and they’ll have to carry the resources to the generator and back. However, if you build a Gathering Post near the resources, you can have up to 10 people there, and they’ll be able to gather resources in a small radius around the building. This building can also be used when you eventually build coal thumpers, sawmills, and steelworks so you don’t have to manually assign 15 people to dig them up.

Gathering Posts also provide some heating and insulation for your people, which means you have a lower chance of people falling ill. Like all other buildings in the game, you can craft one by clicking on the construction icon at the bottom of the screen, and then selecting it from the Resource tab.

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