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Is Frostpunk Coming to PS4?


Is Frostpunk Coming to PS4?

Is Frostpunk Coming to PS4?

Frostpunk has just released on PC, and players can get stuck into turning the ice-ridden city into the thriving frozen metropolis they always dreamed of creating (…maybe). While the management sim gameplay certainly lends itself to using a keyboard and mouse, some players would still love the opportunity to play the game on PS4 and earn all those trophies.

Well, there’s some good news by way of DualShockers. In an interview at PAX East 2018, it was revealed that the studio is “working on the console version at the moment.” Sadly, Senior Marketing Manager for 11 bit studios, Karol Zajaczkowski wasn’t in a position to give a firm release date on PS4. However, it was suggeste the game could hit consoles “by the end of the year.”

And there you have it. Good news for PS4 owners for sure, we’ll just need to wait for Frostpunk’s confirmed console release date now. As soon as we hear anything, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

For more on Frostpunk, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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