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The Best Yakuza Games, All 10 Ranked


The Best Yakuza Games, All 10 Ranked

10. Yakuza Dead Souls

The Best Yakuza Games, All 10 Ranked

For the purpose of this ranking, we’re only discussing the Yakuza games that have been released to English audiences. This means that the likes of Ishin has been excluded.

Yakuza has seen a wealth of spin-offs over the years, and yet Dead Souls is the only one that’s actually made its way west. Dead Souls is a far cry from your typical Yakuza game, as it brings the zombie apocalypse to the bustling streets of Kamurocho. Instead of melee combat, there’s now a focus on using guns and other weapons to blast zombies away. The controls in Dead Souls are very finicky, and it’s clear that the developer was really trying to get a feel for how to design a shooter.

Despite these flaws, there’s plenty of quirky writing and storytelling to be found in Dead Souls, with countless comical substories to complete. The game presents an interesting “what if” scenario and has some fun moments for fan favorite characters. It also presents the only time in the series that Ryuji Goda has been a playable character.

Dead Souls is a Yakuza game through and through, and fans of the series can still find a lot to enjoy.

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