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9 Best Steam Games of March 2018


9 Best Steam Games of March 2018

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Best Steam Games of March 2018

It’s been a long time coming, but fans can finally play Final Fantasy XV on their PC through Steam. The game originally launched back on the PS4 and Xbox One back in November 2016, with game director Hajime Tabata dropping many hints about a potential PC version back at the time. The Windows Edition is the best version of the game to date, offering stunning visuals and tight real-time combat. Square Enix also added a few new exclusive features for good measure, including a first-person mode, a royal boat, and even a new ‘Armiger Unleashed’ ability.

The latest entry in the JRPG series follows Prince Noctis and his friends, Gladio, Ignis, and Prmpto, and an adventure to reclaim his rightful throne as the King of Lucis. Players will travel through Eos on the Regalia, exploring different terrains and cities, all the while taking on various quests. Gone are the days of turn-based battles, but instead, you’ll be ripping through your enemies with a collection of weapons and royal armaments you’ll collect on your journey. Aside from the main story, the Windows Edition on Steam also includes all of the previously released DLC.

Square Enix also plans to support the game until 2019, having announced a slew of new downloadable character episodes next year. There’s no better way to play Final Fantasy XV than through the Windows Edition on Steam.

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