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3 Best PS4 Kids Games of March 2018


3 Best PS4 Kids Games of March 2018


Best PS4 Kids Games of March 2018

A few of the PlayStation PlayLink games that have released over the past few months are great for kids. Knowledge is Power is a quirky quiz game and Singstar allows you to sing your heart out to the most popular pop hits of recent years. The latest game, Frantics, once again sees you and some friends play from your smartphones, choosing options that correspond with what’s on the TV screen.

The game itself features 15 unique mini games that see you compete “in everything from frenetic action arena brawls to strategic turn-based competitions.” The aim is to win more crowns than your friends and be ‘crowned’ the winner. However, there’s a sly fox lurking who sends secret messages and bribes to the competitors as they play, potentially having a huge impact on the final result. Frantics is great with a group of friends or family members and it is perfectly suited to the younger gamer.

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