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5 Ways Destiny 2: Warmind Can Avoid Another Curse of Osiris-Level Disappointment


5 Ways Destiny 2: Warmind Can Avoid Another Curse of Osiris-Level Disappointment

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A Story That Pushes The Overarching Narrative Somewhere

Destiny 2: Warmind

Destiny 2 Warmind expansion

While it had its moments, specifically the chance to see Mercury in its heyday, overall the Curse of Osiris story fell short. You really didn’t get to learn all that much about Osiris, nor did he really even have much screen time. Mercury played second fiddle to the less interesting Infinite Forest, which should have been called the repetitive forest. And worst of all, nothing of what happened felt like it had any impact on the overall story.

Had Curse of Osiris been successful in reviving Destiny 2, one-off stories are something that fans would be more willing to accept. The problem is that when there isn’t much to latch onto, people will naturally grasp onto the few things that have gone right for Destiny 2 since launch. Both its main story plot, and the raid plot, have left off on very intriguing cliff hangers.

If fans have to wait until September, a full year, for any meaningful advancement of the plot since launch, this is going to be a brutal summer for Destiny 2 unless everything else goes right. Hopefully the Warmind will tell a more interesting tale, and that tale will actually impact the greater overarching narrative.

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