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5 Things Spider-Man PS4 Should Steal From Other Spidey Games


5 Things Spider-Man PS4 Should Steal From Other Spidey Games

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is easily one of the most hotly anticipated releases on PS4 this year and we finally got a release date: Sept. 7. While we have seen the game in action and have a few snippets of the story, we’re still left with questions of how this game will iterate on the many Spider-Man games that came before. The webhead has easily been the most prolific superhero when it comes to having his own video games, many which I am personally fond of. Here are just a few things from previous Spidey games that we hope make it into the new game!

An Insane Number of Costumes

This one is pretty much a given, especially since we’ve already got confirmation that pre-orders of Spider-Man will include three alternate costumes. So far we only have confirmation of Punk Spider-Man, but almost all games to feature Spidey give the player the option to don various iterations of his signature tights. It’s safe to say we’ll probably see Symbiote Spider-Man and the hoodie-clad Scarlet Spider, but I’m hoping for a few of the more esoteric costumes from Peter’s past to show up. Outfits like Spider-Man 2099, Captain Universe, and, of course, the Amazing Bag-Man would be a welcome return. But with the recent Spider-Verse comic series and the upcoming animated movie starring Miles Morales, there is a crazy number of Spider-Men (and Women) that Insomniac could use.

This post was originally authored by Colin Regan.

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