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4 Important Takeaways From The Latest Spider-Man Trailer


4 Important Takeaways From The Latest Spider-Man Trailer

This Is Definitely Spider-Man, Not Spider-Boy

Takeaways From The Latest Spider-Man Trailers
Spider-Man, Mary Jane

In most Spider-Man films, video games, and comics, we are usually introduced to Peter Parker before he gets his super spidy-powers. Seeing him transform from an average high-school student to a crime-fighting vigilante is what makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man. But Insomniac Games is taking a completely different route with their new game that focuses on a brand-new story that features an experienced Peter Parker, eight years of experience to be exact.

Peter Parker has seen it all, he’s 23 years old, and he’s also on the verge of graduating college. Playing as a seasoned superhero means that you will be feeling like Spider-Man more than ever before. Taking down enemies with flashy moves and spectacular web shooting tactics wouldn’t be possible without years of experience, but Insomniac is clearing that issue by throwing us into a story that’s already been established, a story that would usually be told during a game’s second or third sequel.

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