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10 Games That Break the Fourth Wall


10 Games That Break the Fourth Wall


Games That Break the Fourth Wall

deadpool, video game

When you think of the character you think of two things: Ryan Reynolds and breaking the fourth wall. Well, Deadpool was taking a sledge hammer to the fourth wall long before Reynolds donned the red and black leather, most notably in his own video game. Every kind of fourth wall demolition imaginable is in this game.

Deadpool threatening the devs at High Moon Studios to create the game and ignoring them every time they complain about the game’s budget? Check. The voices in Deadpool’s head holding conversations with each other and directly talking to the audience? Also check. Button prompts including hilarious descriptions that make fun of themselves? Check and check. A fakeout ending? Wouldn’t be Deadpool without one. Half the fun of the game is seeing how many ways High Moon Studios can blow up the fourth wall, rebuild it, and blow it up again with more explosives.

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