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Sea of Thieves: Where to Find Chickens


Sea of Thieves: Where to Find Chickens

Finding Chickens in Sea of Thieves

Aside from just hoarding gold chests on islands in Sea of Thieves, you can also take on quests from the Merchant Alliance. Some of these voyages will require you to find items and bring them to a specific location. When you’re just starting out in the game, one of the earlier voyages will task you with finding white-feathered chickens and bring them to your destination in a chicken coop. Do note that the chicken coop can be obtained from any Merchant NPC at an outpost.

The wildlife spawn in Sea of Thieves is completely random, which means that even if you venture to the drumstick-shaped Chicken Isle on the map, you’re not necessarily guaranteed to find actual chickens there. You have a chance of encountering them on basically any island you can find on the map, but you will not be able to find them at outposts. With that in mind, all you have to do is sail to any nearby islands and try your luck. Chickens are actually a little less common than pigs, so you’ll probably have to try a few islands before you get lucky, but keep at it and you’ll eventually find them. Remember to bring your chicken coop to capture them, and make sure to keep them above deck on your ship.

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