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Sea of Thieves: How to Use the Sails


Sea of Thieves: How to Use the Sails

How to Use the Sails in Sea of Thieves

Because Sea of Thieves is a pirate game, you’re going to need to understand and know how to use all the crucial parts of your ship. And one of those parts is the sails. The sails are used to catch the wind, and they’ll determine how fast you’re able to move along the sea.

To use the sails in Sea of Thieves, simply head up to them and press the X button to interact with them. They’re usually located on the railings near the wheel, so you can’t miss it. When interacting with the sails, you’ll have the option to either set them at half or full mast. If you want to move as quickly as possible, you should go for full. If you’re nearing an island, or if you’re stalking another ship and don’t want to arouse too much suspicion, half should work just fine for you. Always make sure they’re down before you start traveling, otherwise your short journey may take a heck of a lot longer than you expected.

Now that you have control over the sails in Sea of Thieves, you can use the analog stick to adjust their direction. What you want to do is try to catch the wind with your sails no matter which direction it’s blowing in. If the wind is blowing in from the east, you’ll want to adjust them so that they’re facing westward and able to catch the gust. You can see which direction the wind is blowing in Sea of Thieves by looking closely at the wind particles on your screen.

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