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Sea of Thieves: How to Load Cannons


Sea of Thieves: How to Load Cannons

How to Load Cannons in Sea of Thieves

As you sail the seven seas in your very own pirate ship in Sea of Thieves, you will eventually engage in sea battles with other crews. When that time comes, you’ll probably need to make use of your cannons to fend them off.

Every ship comes loaded with cannon balls in Sea of Thieves, along with cannons that you can use against enemy players. However, you do not have an unlimited supply of cannon balls. They can be used up, and you’ll need to replenish them at an outpost once you’ve run out of them. The cannon balls can be found in red barrels located at either the side of the ship, or below deck, depending on what ship size you currently have.

Go to the barrel, then interact with it by pressing the X button to take as many as you can carry. Bring them to one of the cannons on the ship, then load it by pressing the Y button. Once you do so, you can aim the cannon, and fire with the RT button. You can also press Y again to unload the cannon.

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