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Sea of Thieves: Where the Kraken’s Location Is


Sea of Thieves: Where the Kraken’s Location Is

Where the Kraken’s Location Is in Sea of Thieves

While you’ll need to keep an eye out for other bands of pirates as you sail the seas, and the odd skeleton or two as you explore islands to seek out treasure, there’s something far more sinister lurking below the waves in Sea of Thieves. The legendary sea monster known as the Kraken can pop up from time to time, attacking pirate ships and sending them and their crew to the bottom of the ocean. Of course, it is possible to beat this eight-tentacled legendary squid creature in Sea of Thieves, and as such some players may be wondering how they can track it down.

Sadly, the Kraken doesn’t have a set location you can find it in to challenge it to a battle for the safety of the seas. Instead, according to developer Rare, the Kraken’s movements or location cannot be predicted by players, and it’ll simply try and ambush you instead.

You can tell when the Kraken is nearby in Sea of Thieves, though, by taking a look at the water surrounding you. If the beast is lurking below the waves, you should notice the water turning a bit murky and off-color. That might sound a bit vague, but it’s certainly noticeable when it happens to you.

Then, you have two options. You can either hold your… water and fight the Kraken, or you can haul ass and make your way to safer waters in Sea of Thieves. Or even better, land!

That’s all you need to know regarding the Kraken’s location in Sea of Thieves. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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