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Sea of Thieves: How to Solve Devil’s Ridge Riddle


Sea of Thieves: How to Solve Devil’s Ridge Riddle

How to Solve Devil’s Ridge Riddle in Sea of Thieves

Players will come across different puzzles in Sea of Thieves. Solving them might not be easy, but the hefty loot definitely makes everything worth it. One particular mystery fans can try to decipher is the Devil’s Ridge riddle, wherein you’ll have to decipher a rhyming riddle instead of following a map to the treasure.

First things first, you’ll have to head over to the Devil’s Ridge, which is situated in quadrant U-24 of your naval chart. Similarly, you can also get there by sailing east-by-southeast from the Plunder Outpost. To find the treasure, though, you’ll want to approach the island from the north. Once you’ve dropped your anchor, approach the walls and look for a cave painting of a red hunter wielding a spear.

Once you’ve found it, face east-by-northeast and count nine paces from your location. You should be roughly above the treasure by then, so you should start digging and claim your loot. It’s worth noting that the exact spot you’re looking for should be fairly close to the edge of the water.

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