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Sea of Thieves: How to Fix Fishbeard Error


Sea of Thieves: How to Fix Fishbeard Error

How to Fix Fishbeard Error in Sea of Thieves

As is often the case at the launch of a new, online-focused game, you’ll inevitably come across some errors while you play Sea of Thieves. In Rare’s game, all of the errors are named “something-beard”, like the famous pirate names, rather than a particular code that is hard to remember. One of the errors that you may come across quite regularly in Sea of Thieves is the Fishbeard error, and here’s everything we know about it:

Rare hasn’t revealed exactly what is causing the Fishbeard Error to occur but they are suggesting that you play Sea of Thieves solo if you are seeing it regularly, suggesting that it is something to do with server capacity. You could keep trying, closing and re-opening the app, with the hope that you can get in at some point, or you could do as Rare say and simply wait until the issues are fixed on their end. Once they reveal exactly what is causing the issue, and how you fix it, we will update this piece.

That’s all we know about the Fishbeard Error in Sea of Thieves. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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