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Sea of Thieves: How to Get Disgraced Bounty Skulls


Sea of Thieves: How to Get Disgraced Bounty Skulls

How to Get Disgraced Bounty Skulls in Sea of Thieves

While playing Sea of Thieves, if you hope to achieve maximum rank in every faction, you’ll eventually have to claim voyages from the Order of Souls. This is a combat-based faction that tasks you with traveling to islands and defeating skeletons and undead armies, and bringing back the boss skull for rewards. Some of the earlier, low level missions will have you bring back Disgraced Bounty Skulls.

To get Disgraced Bounty Skulls, simply accept voyages from the Order of Souls and travel to the designated islands to find your marks. Once there, keep killing the regular skeletons until the boss shows up – he can be identified by the captain pirate hat he wears on his head. These guys are tougher than your regular foes, so bring some bananas just in case. After killing him, he’ll drop a skull, which you must then bring back to the Order of Souls NPC at any outpost.

You’ll need to collect a total of 20 Disgraced Bounty Skulls in order to unlock the next rank of faction-specific items that can be bought from stores in Sea of Thieves.

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