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Sea of Thieves: What the Best Weapon Is


Sea of Thieves: What the Best Weapon Is

The Best Weapon in Sea of Thieves

Combat on the high seas can take on many different forms, and mastery of the various weapons at your disposal will prove key if you want to survive. As the application of each weapon is highly situational and there is no way to upgrade them, there is no singularly superior tool among them.

At present, there are four variations of weapons available in-game. The cutlass is your melee weapon, perfect for close quarters combat when you need to strike quickly. It is also capable of blocking enemy swords, which makes it the best defensive option for direct confrontations.

The blunderbuss is a short burst weapon that fires a volley of projectiles, dealing heavy damage to one enemy directly, or spreading out to hit multiple targets. If you can get close enough to your foes, the blunderbuss is the way to go to rack up high impact shots quickly.

The pistol is a jack-of-all trades tool, firing a single projectile with high accuracy and moderate damage. It works best as a mid-range option, where you need to pick off enemies from afar, but don’t have the opportunity to set yourself up for proper sniping.

For that, you’ll need to use the eye of reach, the preferred rifle for all pirates. The eye of reach features a scope to assist your aim, allowing you to take your time and make the perfect shot. Needless to say, you’d best stay aware of your surroundings, ensuring an enemy doesn’t sneak up behind you for an easy kill.

Once you have gotten the hang of swapping between the four options quickly and efficiently, you will begin to discover that the greatest weapon of all is you – reeling off shots from all distances, and clanging cutlasses with the scurvy sea dogs that dare cross your path. Don’t forget to take a look at the Sea of Thieves wiki for more information and tips.

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