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Far Cry 5: How to Beat Joseph Seed (The Father) Easily


Far Cry 5: How to Beat Joseph Seed (The Father) Easily

How to Beat Joseph Seed (The Father) Easily in Far Cry 5

As long as you didn’t refuse to arrest Joseph Seed at the start of Far Cry 5, 25 hours later and you’re probably about to finally come face-to-face with The Father of Eden’s Gate himself. Joseph Seed’s fight isn’t the most difficult to know what you need to do, but it is damn annoying either way.

Please be warned, there are some spoilers pertaining to Far Cry 5’s final moments below. If you’ve not yet reached Joseph Seed yet, we advise turning back and returning when you have.

After a brief cutscene, you’ll take control of your character in a Bliss-drenched area just outside the church. Your friends and allies have been turned against you thanks to the Bliss, and will act as Joseph Seed’s minor enemies. There’s a bit of a twist here, though. Once you’ve shot them, they’ll go down and can be revived. You need to revive them by pressing Square on PS4 (X on Xbox One) to bring them onto your side. If they go down again, though, they can be turned back.

The first round will have you shooting and reviving three of your friends that you’ve made in Far Cry 5. After you’ve turned them all onto your side, you’ll have a brief window to dish out damage on Joseph Seed. Here, you’ll want explosives. An RPG, remote explosives… anything that goes bang. Aim it at Joseph Seed and you’ll take a nice big chunk out of his health.

In the second phase of this battle, you’ll need to do the same thing over again, but with seven of your friends rather than three. There are also some generic cultists enemies that’ll shoot you and any allies you do manage to revive, which can make this a bit of a drag. As long as you have one or two allies up, though, even if you go down they’ll give you a hand back up.

Things can get a little hectic during the second and third phases of the Joseph Seed boss battle, so if you do find yourself running low on health, look for a quiet spot behind cover and wait for your health to automatically replenish (that is, if you’re out of medkits).

The third phase of the battle is a rinse repeat of phase two, except you’ve got 12 allies to shoot and revive this time rather than seven. Focus on taking down the cultists enemies first, so you’re not getting peppered as hard when trying to revive or shoot your allies. Once you’ve got all your allies on your side, it’s time to whip out those explosives (or a sniper if you’re a good shot) and dish out as much damage as possible to Joseph Seed. With a bit of luck, he’ll drop to the floor and you’ll have beaten the final boss of Far Cry 5. Now, sit back and enjoy the ending.

That’s all you need to know to beat Far Cry 5. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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