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Far Cry 5: How to Get All Fishing Rods


Far Cry 5: How to Get All Fishing Rods

How to Get All Fishing Rods in Far Cry 5

With Far Cry 5’s change of scenery comes a few new activities to undertake as well. Seeing as you’re exploring the wilderness of Hope County, Montana, what’s better than taking some time to kick back and fish? Fishing makes its debut in Far Cry 5, and there’re a number of fishing rods and spots that you can find in the game. It’s easy enough to start fishing, as each and every fishing spot in the game has a Basic Rod lying next to it. This means you can simply pick up the rod and start fishing.

There are four different fishing rods to be found in Far Cry 5, and to get the best you’ll need to beat every regional record in Hope County. We’ll help walk you through how to get each fishing rod in Far Cry 5 and how to complete those records. First off, here’s each of the rods in the game.

All Fishing Rods in Far Cry 5

  • Basic Rod – Next to each fishing spot in the game.
  • Natural Rod – Can be purchased at any gun shop, and is a little better than the basic rod.
  • Wonderboy Rod – Make your way to Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in the Whitetail Mountains. There, complete the series of quests for Skylar to get the rod.
  • Old Betsy Rod – Catch all difficult fish at the Hard Fishing Spots, and beat every regional record. Catching all difficult fish will, by default, let you beat the regional records.

In terms of regional records, these can be found in each of the three regions in Far Cry 5. To find them, head to Fall’s End, Hope’s Den, or the Hope County Jail to find the record board. You can see what holds the various records, and basically, you’ll need to head out and catch the biggest fish in the wild. To do this, you’ll need to go to the hard fishing spots, which are the only place the largest fish can be caught. Here’s how you can catch the largest of each fish.

Hard Fishing Spots – How to Get All Fishing Rods in Far Cry 5

The first four fish on the left of each board are shared between every region, while the others on the right will be unique to that region. Keep in mind the weight listed is what you’ll need to beat at the hard fishing spot.

Shared Between Regions

  • Bull Trout: 21 lbs – Located in Jacob’s Region, northwest of Langford Lake.
  • Golden Trout: 4 lbs – Located in Jacob’s Region, west of the northern bridge entrance on Silver Lake.
  • Lake Trout: 37 lbs – Located in Jacob’s Region, north of Fort Drubman in Wishbone’s Lake.
  • Rainbow Trout: 28 lbs – Located in John’s Region, in the small pond southwest from Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Holland Valley Region

  • Pallid Sturgeon: 55 lbs – Go to Rye & Son’s Aviation and find the river directly below it. Head east until you hit a fork in the river, and the fishing spot will be on the left.
  • Paddlefish Sturgeon: 112 lbs – On the river that’s directly south of the Seed Ranch Cult Outpost.

Whitetail Mountain Region

  • Chinook Salmon: 27 lbs – Northwest of the F.A.N.G. Center, on the banks of the river.
  • Kokanee Salmon: 6 lbs – Along the southwestern shore of Cedar Lake.
  • Arctic Grayling Salmon: 3 lbs – Check your map and look in Jacob’s region. You want to find a pond that’s at the far southwestern border, near the boundary. Travel there and you’ll find the spot.

Henbane River Region

  • Smallmouth Bass: 6 lbs – Between two gun stores on the eastern edge of the region, along a river.
  • Largemouth Bass: 8 lbs – Just north of the smallmouth bass spot, near another gun store. e
  • Rock Bass: 3 lbs – In the center of Rock Bass Lake.

For more tips and guides on Far Cry 5, make sure to search Twinfinite or check out our wiki.

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